Who we are

Africa IQ is a non-profit organization with a mission to create an Africa beyond aid. We provide access to impartial business intelligence in order to attract and sustain investment in African markets. At the core of our mission is the belief that business rather than aid is the most effective path to sustainable economic growth and development. Africa certainly has all the making of a compelling investment case — natural resources, rapid economic and population growth, and an improving environment in which to invest and do business. Yet, limited access to publicly available market intelligence prevents Africa from realizing its full growth potential. So we created Africa IQ to exclusively focus on dispelling misperceptions about the challenges of doing business in Africa.

What we do

Our priority is to build investor confidence in African markets. We achieve this by providing access to credible and impartial investment intelligence, which has the power to inspire action, change attitudes, and ultimately lead to increased investment in the continent. Our web-based intelligence platform, www.africaiq.org, provides access to free economic data, business intelligence reports, and unique insights into African markets through exclusive interviews with investors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders at the forefront of African business.



As an African woman, my passion to contribute to Africa’s growth and development has been the driving force behind my humanitarian work with the United Nations (UN). The continent traces my humble childhood and in many ways shaped my life journey. Growing up in Zimbabwe, I witnessed the AIDS pandemic bring devastation to the continent, an experience so powerful and poignant that it immediately defined my life purpose and eventually led to my career with UNAIDS, and subsequently the World Health Organization and the World Bank.

Working at the forefront of public health in Africa as a UN Policy Advisor, I was often humbled by the impact of humanitarian relief aid. Yet, as I travelled throughout Africa I also observed the complexities of aid, which sometime failed to transform societies, creating a vicious cycle that necessitated even more aid. The challenge became obvious; aid alone was unable to facilitate the sustainable economic growth necessary to alleviate poverty. This new perspective motivated my transition to the private sector to better understand the potential of market-based approaches in creating sustainable solutions for Africa’s economic development.

It is this personal journey and unique experiences that inspired my vision of an Africa beyond aid, ultimately leading to the formation of Africa IQ – a new form of non-profit challenging the status quo and hopefully inspiring others to join us in creating an Africa beyond aid.

Brendan Dunphy


As a serial entrepreneur and technology visionary, I am fascinated by the power of digital technologies to transform what we do and how we do it. In 1997, committed to an idea that was novel at the time, I built a boutique consulting firm specializing in innovation & corporate change, and went on to co-develop ‘How to Farm Lightning™: sustainable innovation’ — an approach now licensed & adopted by leading firms such as Frost & Sullivan Ltd, Genisys Consulting, MMD & the Co-Innovation Institute, which focuses on creating the right environment for innovation.

For several decades, I have travelled in and out of Africa, yet it was during a recent consulting assignment for one of the continent’s leading mobile phone providers that the African growth story became increasingly compelling. As I witnessed the continent harness the power of mobile technology in creating solutions to address its own specific challenges, I realized that Africa had reached a tipping-point and was immediately inspired. With a personal vision to support Africa’s innovation, I co-founded Africa IQ.

I believe that digital technologies have the power to accelerate Africa’s economic transformation and job creation. Most importantly, Africa has all the ingredients essential to become an innovation power-house of the 21st century overcoming many of the current communication, financial and infrastructure barriers that have held back growth to-date.

  • How do you create an iconic, yet differentiated logo on Africa that isn’t centered on an African map yet embodies the essence of the continent?

    Our logo was designed by Ben Loiz as a response to this question. Earth Brown is a positive color which conveys a sense of support while Cyan invokes wisdom. The letters ‘IQ’ are intentionally embedded into the word ‘Africa’ emphasizing our belief that Africa has the power and ability to create solutions for the attainment of sustainable economic development, and that tapping into the intelligence of the African people is critical to achieving this goal.